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We give a damn.

Plain Jane is a boutique New Zealand communications consultancy, founded to work alongside brands and projects with a conscience.

We’re do-gooders and we hope you are too.




Plain isn’t boring.

It’s cutting out the ego, it’s effective and it’s easy to digest.

We’re run as a collective and pride ourselves in becoming part of your team. Creating a positive, long-lasting relationship with you is our number one objective.

Plain Jane specialise in product launches for ethical companies and social media strategy for communications for non profits, community groups and social enterprises.

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What we do

Plain Jane ensures your brand gets noticed and your objectives are met.

We can help with strategy and implementation across multiple creative disciplines including social media, marketing and communications.

Every client is different so we suggest a coffee together before making any recommendations.

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You’ll be in safe hands.

Don’t believe us? Believe our clients.

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