Three easily implemented campaign tips from Pepsi - okuuuuur

After the woke-washing disaster of Pepsi’s #blacklivesmatter, I am pleased they came back with a lighthearted number utilising two of my fav celebs; Cardi B and Monet X Change.

The cola giant stepped away from social commentary and put their millions into what they’re good at - making damn good ads.

Check it out here:

I can’t help but smile when I watch this. And by implementing three super simple tips, you could have a great video campaign too.

Test and learn

We may not all have the budgets to get the world’s favourite pop star to endorse our brand but after the Black Lives Matter drama, they have redeemed themselves.

If your brand receives backlash from a campaign you can take a few steps to try and rectify it: 1. Own it 2. Apologise (actually apologise) and 3. move forward.

Keep trying. Own that you missed the mark, apologise and move on. You can only get better!

The power of influencers

Not only did Pepsi have Cardi B - okuuuuur - star in the add, they also have my favourite drag queen, Monet X Change! Cardi is a world-wide household name whereas in comparison, Monet could be defined as a “micro” influencer.

When you’re working with influencers, be sure to look outside of your direct market e.g. if you sell baby clothes, you could look beyond mummy bloggers and work with an entrepreneur who has a young nephew baby clothes (cough).

Create unique content specifically for each channel

Pepsi didn’t just chuck a TV ad on Instagram, they made multiple versions with different specs, lengths and cuts - specifically for each channel.

Please, I beg of you, ensure your content is made for purpose. I 10/10 recommend working with a content expert to help you get this right!

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